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Do you have Google Ads running but not sure if it's working?

Let me show you how

Getting Started with Google Ads

I remember how exciting it felt to launch my first ad on Google!

I spent what felt like hours laboring over my ad headlines and descriptions. I followed Google’s instructions to a ‘T’, eagerly envisioning the riches that would soon be mine.

Then, with butterflies in my stomach and dollar signs in my eyes, I entered my credit card number and launched my ad.

And then my money disappeared.

And then I tested another campaign. 

And another market, another microsite, another affiliate program…

Every time my money just vanished and I was left wondering how. 

It was like playing at a casino where I didn’t know the rules.

And that was exactly it--I didn’t know the rules!

I kept following the instructions, but something was missing (other than my hard-earned money!).

It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to attend a multi-day Google AdWords training (it was in 2010) where the curtain was pulled back, the secrets were revealed, and I learned what turned out to be super powers. 

Advertising super powers, but superpowers nonetheless.

These valuable insights into how to set up, optimize and troubleshoot a Google Ads account have served me well all these years. 

Google Ads is a complex tool, as I’m sure you know if you’ve tried your hand at ‘the dice.’. 

But it’s not magic. It’s not luck.

It’s a series of insights, hidden reports, hacks and tricks-of-the-trade that anyone can use to squeeze real profit from Google Ads. 

I’ve made it my mission to help other entrepreneurs and marketers learn and prosper as I have.

Free Google Ads Training

Are you running ads for your own business, or for your clients, but not sure if you're getting the best results possible?

In this free training, I walk you through 9 critical Google Ads settings that could be boosting--or busting--your ad performance right now.

How to tell if your Google Ads are working
or just burning your money

How to tell a bad visitor from a valuable one

Most people think that analytics and conversion tracking are a bunch of confusing coding and marketing report fluff (they're not totally wrong).

However, Google Ads is actually a machine learning AI that uses your website traffic data to make your ads more effective. Without proper conversion tracking, you're missing this vital step that feeds data back to your Google Ads account so Google can find more of the right people (and fewer of the wrong ones).

It just takes a couple of clicks to check your conversion tracking set up...

Discover the search terms you are actually paying for

When you bid on keywords in Google Ads, you are telling Google where you want to advertise. You expect that your ads will only show up on search engine results pages that matter to your business.

But, it's not uncommon for a Google Ads account to be spending upwards of 50% of its budget on search terms that will never convert into paying customers.

It just takes a couple of clicks to see the search terms you are actually paying for...

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Let us show you how it's done

Getting results in digital marketing is more than just earning a badge online (although we have those).

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Google Ads Training & Coaching Courses

Google Ads

Tactical Mastermind

Are you running ads for your own business, or for your clients, but not sure if you're getting the best results possible?

Our Google Ads Tactical Mastermind course is designed to help you get your Google Ads account working profitably.

This is not a theoretical course. We look at specific settings, common challenges, and real data in YOUR Google Ads account.

The course includes virtual classroom sessions and 1-on-1 office hours.


What's your biggest challenge with Google Ads right now?

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