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Dan Wood

Managing Director, Google Ads Trainer

Hi! I'm Dan Wood, a professional digital marketer & entrepreneur with 15 year's experience.

I've been running Google Ads professionally since 2009 for clients, as an in-house marketer, and through agencies and my own businesses. I've built and sold my own ecommerce company, managed an agency, and taught post-grad college courses in online marketing at Humber College, Ontario.

I am an expert in Google Ads (Certified Google Partner since 2010), Meta Ads, HighLevel, Shopify (Shopify Partner since 2012) and WordPress. I work with clients and agencies in many industries including B2B ABM, B2C lead generation & e-commerce.

In the past few years I've turned my attention to teaching and coaching, following a lifelong passion for helping others that I've had since before my first lifeguarding job at age 15.

Google Ads Help for Agencies & Entrepreneurs

Running Ads for Your Clients?

We can help you get better results

We offer white-labelled PPC advertising to agencies across North America. We do international ads for B2B accounts and profitable lead generation ads for local businesses. You run the client and their brand, we run the media. And yes, we work across other media platforms, too.

Running Ads for Yourself?

We can help you get better results

Running your own Google Ads and not sure if it's working?

Doing Google Ads well is a massively valuable skill, whether it's for your own business, your side hustle, or your clients. Learn how to run Google Ads efficiently and unleash the power of the world's largest media empire onto everything you do.

Let us show you how it's done

Getting results in digital marketing is more than just earning a badge online (although we have those).

Enter Your Best Contact Info & We'll Start Your Sales Android Experience

Pull 5 or 6 figures worth of sales from old leads you’d written off for Dead.

Our Database Reactivation bot helps businesses treat every lead like it’s their last. The bot takes all the people in a database who haven’t bought and strikes up a conversation with them via SMS. Then next thing you know they’re booking calls and you’re up $10K-$100K+ in sales.


What's your biggest challenge with Google Ads right now?

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